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AngelFest is a 3‐day music, arts, and culture festival dedicated to celebrating Los Angeles.  The annual world-­‐class festival, created and produced by the LA‐based Make Good Group, is designed to entertain a cross-­‐generational audience with the biggest and the most cutting edge acts in contemporary music.   The festival, located in the San Fernando Valley’s Woodley Park situated within the Sepulveda Basin, will be  infused with the many diverse cultures that make up southern California and will also highlight the extraordinary and unique contributions that the City of Angels makes in today’s world.


AngelFest is underpinned by two missions: [1] to raise much needed money for LA’s cash‐strapped parks and, [2] to create support for organizations protecting LA’s environment and our water.


With a nod to all things LA, the festival will showcase the best of our city in a beautiful central location, presenting iconic and emerging contemporary music stars, cutting edge public art, and the best in regional cuisine. This cross‐section of LA’s best  will  focus  on  the  city’s  vibrant  multi-­cultural  neighborhoods,  the  importance  of  its  Commons,  the  city’s  impact  on  world  commerce,  its  innovation  and  tech  prowess, and  the  profound  and  widely  acknowledged  influence  Los  Angeles  exerts on contemporary music and popular culture.


AngelFest is proud of its partnerships with LA's most trustworthy and iconic environmental organizations — TreePeople, Los Angeles Waterkeeper, and Mujeres de la Tierra — who are working in close coordination with Make Good to create the gold standard for how music festivals practice environmental protection, citizen education, sustainable operations, and community engagement.  In addition, AngelFest enjoys the public support of several highly respected local, national, and international environmental and community groups including River LA, Kiss the Ground, Alliance for Climate Education, Climate Resolve, Conservation International, From Lot to Spot, Liberty Hill Foundation, Los Angeles Conservation Corps, and the Producers Guild of America (PGA Green).


AngelFest will fully embrace Make Good’s long history of environmental stewardship and its commitment to sustainability and  environmental  responsibility  aiming  to  be  the  world’s  “greenest”  music  festival.    The  festival’s  organizers  have  committed  to  implementing  rigorous  zero-­waste  targets  and  a  comprehensive  sustainability  production  and  daily operations program, as well as good neighbor efforts including:

  • Aggressive recycling and composting efforts
  • A ban on plastic bottles and bags
  • Food and beverages served in compostable packaging
  • Reliance on the use of renewable energy and biofuels to power the festival
  • Reduced and efficient water use
  • A ban on vehicle engine idling
  • Goods and services sourced from sustainable providers
  • Incentives for festival-­‐goers to use public transportation, carpooling, or bicycles
  • An extensive clean-­‐fuel shuttle bus service from throughout LA to minimize traffic impacts
  • Traffic and parking plans designed to rapidly empty the area of vehicles at the end of each night
  • No on-­‐street parking in surrounding neighborhoods enforced by private security firms retained by the festival working in coordination with LADOT and LAPD
  • Double and covered fencing and sound baffling materials to protect sensitive wildlife areas
  • Private security and extra Park Rangers to secure the wildlife area 24/7 during the festival period
  • Covered temporary chain-­‐link style fencing along both sides of nearby creek areas and wildlife ponds to intercept debris and, to protect habitat and wildlife corridors
  • Community service for tickets program will include a pre and post festival Basin cleanup campaign
  • Sound and lighting have been designed and engineered to safeguard nearby nature areas
  • Sound and lighting will point away from wildlife areas and surrounding neighborhoods
  • A 24/7 festival telephone hotline to address area resident and stakeholder concerns if they arise


As part of the festival contract and planning, in addition to a substantial permit fee, significant funding has been set aside for the full clean up and improvement of Woodley Park and the Sepulveda Basin to its pre-­festival condition. At the end of the festival, the park and surrounding area will be left in better condition than they were before the event.


In addition, AngelFest will donate a portion of every festival ticket sold to the Los Angeles Parks Foundation which, along with the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks has committed to spend all the proceeds they receive from the festival  on  improving  and  protecting  the  recreational  and  wildlife  amenities  in  the  Sepulveda  Basin  for  the  benefit  of  residents, visitors and their families for years to come.


The festival will shine a spotlight on the San Fernando Valley. Make Good will partner with local businesses, associations and community groups to foster local business and community development opportunities including jobs during the festival and internship and mentoring programs in association with neighborhood schools. AngelFest will engage in a program providing tickets to area high school students performing documented community service work that protects LA’s environment and our parks.


A handpicked group of non-­‐profit organizations focused on protecting the region’s watersheds, eco-­systems, and parks will also receive visibility on site and in the festival’s marketing and messaging efforts.  Local products and merchandise utilizing sustainable, free trade, and organic practices will be part of the festival’s ethos.


AngelFest will bring together the best of Los Angeles, while raising awareness of the Sepulveda Basin and the Valley, preserving our parks, and protecting our water.


The festival planning process has included a number of public meetings dating back from November 2015.  Make Good has been comprehensively planning to ensure a safe, successful, and environmentally friendly festival in close coordination with the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, neighborhood councils, local residents, environmental organizations, local elected officials, public safety officials (including Los Angeles Police and Fire Departments), traffic officials at the LA Department of Transportation, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and other community stakeholders.


The  Lake  Balboa  Neighborhood  Council,  Los  Angeles  City  Department  of  Recreation  and  Parks, Los Angeles City Department of Sanitation, Los Angeles Parks Foundation, LAPD, LAFD, and Los Angeles Riverworks have expressed enthusiastic support for the project.


An extensive Environmental Assessment has been prepared by a leading independent environmental science firm on behalf of the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks. The assessment finds the festival creates no significant impacts on the environment or surrounding community.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is evaluating the assessment and has posted it for public comments at

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AngelFest Draft EA


The Make Good Group is a social impact company that repositions brands into a better version of themselves. Through innovative programs and global messaging platforms, the firm helps its clients make good on their promises, make good in world, and make good stuff. The Los Angeles based collaborative group offers a unique team with wide and deep experience in sustainability, music and entertainment, sports, public policy, healthcare, energy, non-profits, design, marketing, and technology.


The Emmy Award-winning group has been instrumental in groundbreaking work including successfully “greening” pro sports teams, major public utilities, and large healthcare systems, managing the implementation of recycling in New York City, and producing countless concerts and large-scale tours, and historic environmental and poverty pop culture events such as Live 8 which aggregated a global broadcast and online audience of 3+ billion and 2+ million live spectators, on 4 continents in 9 cities on 1 day to pressure the leaders of G8 nations to agree to a concrete plan for addressing deadly poverty. Live 8 is the single largest simultaneous entertainment event in history.

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